Show More, Sell More: How Slatwall Panels And Display Fixtures Can Bump Up Your Bottom Line

Slatwall PanelsSlatwalls panels and Display fixtures are a versatile way to display merchandise and maximize space in your retail business. Easy to assemble or install, slatwalls products create visually impressive displays. Add any of our Slatwall accessories, and you’ll instantly increase the amount of merchandise you can put in front of your customers.

Using Slatwall Panels And Display Fixtures In Your Retail Business

Traditionally used for displaying apparel items, slatwall panels transform bare, drab walls into sleek vertical selling surfaces. Use them to group coordinating outfits together, showcase new arrivals, or keep high-profit pieces front and center.

Slatwall floor display fixtures
Slatwall Gondola retail fixtureare available in several styles, configurations, and sizes, and the size of the Rotating Counter Display size  is perfect when placed near or at checkouts. Slatwall Floor displays. Whether free-standing or revolving, these displays create 360-degree selling spaces on your retail floor. Combine these with our apparel fixtures, and you’ve turned your entire sales floor into a roomie, visually pleasing space.

For example, adding optional shelves to a Gondola Slatwall Merchandiser allows you to
display neatly
folded T-shirts, jeans, and other stackable items.

Add hanging bars to the 4-Way Quad Slatwall Merchandiser 4-way quad slatwall merchandiserfor shirts or jackets, and you’ve increased the size of your display even more.

Use a mixture of slatwall product accessories to hang coordinating garments or related gear. And because the fixture and panel components are universal, you can use any accessory with any Slatwall product; that is a money saver for sure.

Slatwall Accessories

Mix and match any of our slatwall accessories such as,

acrylic tray for slatwall panelsAdd melamine laminate, glass, plastic, or wire shelves (don’t forget you’ll need brackets for these!), and you’ve just increased your selling space by fifty percent! And don’t think
slatwalls are only for garments; our metal and acrylic baskets, bins, trays, and holder accessories can help contain a variety of non-apparel items.

A Tip From Our Customer Service Pros: 

Because Slatwall panels and fixtures ship by LTL truck, you’ll save money if you also order your accessories at the same time. If you order your accessories later, they’ll ship via UPS which is more expensive.

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Take Your Visual Merchandising To A New Level With Slatwall Products

Using any of our Slatwall products expands the amount of selling space on your sales floor. You’re now able to offer your customers something your competitors are not able to give them, and that’s more selection and a wider variety of merchandise. This strategy allows you to offer a more pleasant shopping experience, making you a destination store!

Retail Slatwall Panels in various finishesChoose your favorite Slatwall panels from any of the eight cost-saving standard finishes.
However, there are hundreds of custom color options available for order.
And as far as the look of your store, you can also customize the color of the slatwall t-grooves with two types of custom inserts, offered inslatwall panel plastic inserts a variety of colors. Slatwall panels are also available with preinstalled brushed aluminum inserts. (These are a MUST if you intend to hang anything over 30 pounds.) Slatwall Displays are available in several durable Melamine laminate surfaces, such as white, maple, cherry and black.

Aside from aesthetics, another benefit of installing a Slatwall panel display is that you can quickly change out accessories. One great thing about Slatwall accessories is that you can to move them around, depending on available stock, the size of the items you’d like to hang, or the season. Routinely changing things up is an excellent visual merchandising trick that keeps your store looking fresh and up to date.

Get Expert Advice

If you’d like to take the look of your retail business to a whole new level, help is just a phone call or Live Chat session away. Contact one of our knowledgeable Slatwall experts at 800-999-0771, or via Live Chat, and we’ll be able to assist you with measurements, design, and layout. If you’d like to see all of our available Slatwall products and accessories, visit us online at