How To Build Your Brand: Marketing Ideas For Retail Stores

building your brand keyboardYour brand is everything. It’s your store’s reputation, identity, and personality, all rolled into one. With the array of outreach platforms provided by traditional advertising and social media, it’s more important than ever to ensure your message is consistent and seamless across all your marketing channels.

How do you do it? Let’s look at some practical tips for sticking to your brand.

Brand Building Marketing Ideas For Retail Stores

  1. Focus on your goal. Whether your goal is to get bodies into your retail store or buyers to your online shop, make sure your marketing efforts work toward your end result. Use your Facebook page to drive traffic to your website, where you can collect information for your mailing list, advertise weekly or monthly specials, or tell your story. Don’t ever forget what you’re trying to accomplish, though. What is the result you want to achieve?
  2. Leverage what makes you unique. Why do your customers choose to shop with you? Is it your elegant, sophisticated setting? Is it your quirky sense of humor? Or is it a novel approach to your category? Identify what sets you apart from your competition, and capitalize on your point of difference. Build your store’s personality into your brand.
  3. Choose your social media platforms carefully. Not all social media is created equal.Twitter business account works great for quick, interactive engagement. Instagram issocial media for business ideal for brands that are appealing on a visual level. Facebook business page offers a platform for more in-depth interaction and discussion. Creating a Pinterest business account gives customers an opportunity to make a visual, virtual wish list. Each platform requires a different level of engagement and plays to different strengths; you only want to engage on the platforms that work best for your brand. Furthermore, you must make sure the platforms you select are the ones your customers are using. Daily Facebook posts will be a waste of time if your customers all use Twitter.
  4. Think big. Your store is so much more than four walls. Think about how your brand is part of a bigger picture. Look for ways to spread awareness of your brand by incorporating it into your customers’ lifestyles. If you own an eyeglass shop, encourage customers to post pics of them wearing their new frames. Specialty food stores can ask customers to share favorite recipes. Wine shops can ask customers what they’re drinking with Thanksgiving dinner. Engaging your customers on social media give you a little window into their worlds, which gives you opportunities to create brand loyalty.
  5. Be consistent. Whether you post your weekly specials every Monday on Facebook, or you tweet discount codes every Friday afternoon, you want to broadcast your message (and your identity) clearly and consistently with every post. It’s a good idea to engage the same person to write your content, as it contributes to a familiar, clear tone for your customers. And if grammar and spelling aren’t your strong suit, for goodness’ sake, have someone write (or at least proofread) your posts. Don’t detract from your brand by being sloppy.

Whether you hire a consultant to help you create a cohesive message, or you only commit to crafting one new blog post each week, building your brand organically, incorporating your goals, your unique identity, and your customers grows your business. Build your brand deliberately and consistently, and find creative ways to engage your customers by integrating your business into their lives.