Inexpensive Ways To Increase Holiday Gift Card Sales

Do you ever wonder what’s in the mind of a gift card buyer? If not, you should, because as a retailer, understanding the motivation behind their purchase of gift cards will help you increase holiday gift card sales for your store.

The Growth Of Gift Cards

Gift card example Gift card example Gift card exampleGift card example
Gift card purchases have grown exponentially since they first became available in the early 1990s. When gift card buying shoppers were surveyed, the reasons they gave for why they buy gift cards rather than specific items, were grouped into these 4 main categories:

  • Those who buy gift cards because it saves them time (33.23 percent)
  • Those motivated to keep within a budget (23.10 percent)
  • Those with a desire to make people happy  (22.45 percent)
  • Those motivated by giving the receiver the chance to buy exactly the gift what they want (22.22 percent)

In fact, according to a 2013 MasterCard Holiday Shopping Survey, more than 50 percent of people identify shopping and holiday budgeting as their top source of stress. They alsoholiday gift chart found that Americans most prefer to give and receive gift cards during the holiday season, as compared with physical objects or experiences. More and more Americans say they are experiencing shopping stress due to time limitations, tight budgets, or simply have no idea of what to buy for somebody. The good news for retailers is this inevitably leads to last-minute impulse purchases or the alternative of opting for purchasing a gift card.

Issuing Your Own Branded Cards Will Increase Holiday Gift Card Sales

Being able to issue branded gift cards will help you to boost sales. When your customers have the ability to purchase and give a gift card from your store, it not only allows you to compete with larger retailers but is also an excellent way to bring new customers into your store. So how do you as a retailer make this data translate into sales in your store this holiday season?

holiday gift card exampleIf your retail business is not issuing store-branded gift cards, now is the time to start. But not every small business has the resources to partner with their credit card processor to gain access to a branded gift card program. And not every store owner wants or needs such a sophisticated level of commitment. Now you can quickly promote your business using branded custom gift cards without the expense of implementing a third-party gift card technology system.
Easy to create and customize with any design, denomination, message or logo, digitally printed cards are priced at only 20 cents per card. There is no a fee for setting up your artwork, and you can even mix and match denominations and designs. Email your high-resolution artwork and we do the rest. And because you’re not paying any program subscription or redemption fees, you’re free to keep the profits to yourself. Keep track of the value of the cards with the included journal, giving you the advantage of total in-house control. Getting started is simple.

keep-calm-we-sell-gift-cardsGetting Your Store’s Gift Card Program Up And Running

Ordering custom gift cards requires a two-week lead time so order now to be ready for important sale dates (Hello, Black Friday anyone?). At the sameacrylic gift card holder
time, order an attractive way to display your gift cards, and don’t forget to order an in-store promotional banner or sign letting your customers know about this new service.

Next, get the message out to your email list and on your social media platforms. Getting started is as easy as placing a call to one of our helpful Specialty Store Services representatives at 800-999-0771. Representatives are available by phone or Live Chat, Monday – Thursday 8 AM – 6 PM, and Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM. Now get moving!