How Mannequins Speak to Shoppers

How Mannequins Speak to ShoppersAs a retailer, you have mere moments to persuade a person that it is worth his or her time to shop with you. Competition from both brick-and-mortar and internet stores magnifies the importance of conveying an alluring story, and the most effective impact is one that is visually captivating.

Mannequins are a palette that present retailers with the perfect opportunity to not only tell a story, but also to project their brand and value. Think of the mannequin as your chance to offer shoppers a compelling reason to enter your store. Creating a display that is relevant to the style and sensibilities of your clientele becomes more enticing when size and fashion, for example, are pertinent to customers.

Select Personalized Types

Demographics are key. Choosing the right gender and age, for instance, enables you to appeal to your ideal shopper. If you offer a considerable selection of petite or plus size women’s clothing, models reflecting those body types can help to attract a larger percentage of those customers who are accustomed to seeing the typical tall, slender ‘runway’ mannequin. Introducing patrons to a fresh alternative with varying body types broadcasts a welcoming and inclusive image that can boost your brand value and receipts.

Selecting an array of body types for your mannequins allows you the opportunity to tap into shopper demographics that can too often feel neglected. Full-figured, mature and racially diverse models, for instance, can promote trust in your brand by projecting a positive emotional message to which consumers can relate. When combined with excellent customer service, you can build greater retention and generate a higher volume of valuable referrals.

Choose Appropriate Styles

Mannequins empower you to throw a spotlight on items or product lines that you want to promote. By personalizing the model and style, you can capture a shopper’s imagination by allowing them to see themselves in the clothing and accessories you choose to display.

Be sure to keep the styling relevant. For example, if you sell active wear and business or formal attire, sports apparel will be more appropriate on a bendable figure, while elegant clothing has a magnetic appeal on faceless or headless mannequins that project classic timelessness. Wire forms and half shells can be particularly enticing when displayed from a rack of similar items.

Customize your displays to highlight your merchandise. Do you offer patrons a wide selection of socks and hosiery? Looks for legs and feet that consume less space and save money. Hands are especially versatile, allowing you to feature gloves, jewelry, handbags and scarves.

Is your brand connected to the outdoors? Think about forms made of wood or natural fibers. Do you cater to pet owners? Animal mannequins–including dogs of varying breeds–are also available to help you distinguish your shop from the competition and create an emotional connection.

Perhaps you do not sell clothing or accessories. Maybe your inventory consists of furniture, electronics, appliances or sporting goods. Mannequins can still play a powerful role in telling a story that encourages people to come into your store, creating the opportunity to expand customer loyalty and revenues.

Keep the Story Dynamic

Contemporary shoppers are seeking an experience. Keep your story fresh and exciting. Create weekly looks and change clothing and accessories regularly. Give people a reason to want to return to your business and discover new items.

Forms that are bendable are very useful in this regard. Articulated mannequins can be posed to sit, lean or recline. Their versatility enables you to maintain a dynamic expression of who you are and how you can benefit your clientele.

Mannequins are also very useful in upselling. For instance, a customer may come in seeking to purchase only a certain dress or pair of trousers. The shoes or bag you paired with the desired outfit can be irresistible, generating more receipts and greater brand value.

The Face of Your Business

Mannequins are more than handy merchandise stands. The right forms can engage shoppers and project a memorable face that creates an alluring buzz for your business. With thoughtful strategies and a little creativity, display models can play a genuine role on your sales team.

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