Dress Up Your Apparel Store with Budget-Friendly Equipment

Starting Out Smart, Dressing up your new Apparel StoreStarting a new apparel business is often exciting and challenging at the same time. If you are like most startups, you are trying to figure out how to outfit your retail space tastefully and economically. Fixtures and equipment run the gamut of quality and price. You want durability and style, but what do you actually need and how do you find those items for a price that fits your lean budget?

Here are three of the most important things you need to know:

What You Need: Displays, poles, shelves, checkout counters, mannequins and hangers are some of the staples that hold a retail apparel operation together. As a clothing store, you want your visual presentation to be eye-grabbing. Visual appeal influences purchasing decisions, so this is key to improved profits.

Think about what you are selling and how the shape and size of your retail space can help you market your inventory. If your space is small or limited, consider using two-tier clothing racks or rails. You will also want to evaluate the weight and size of the items. Heavier garments require reinforced support. Dresses should have room to neatly and freely flow from tall rails and higher racks. Simple wall hooks can be adorned with hats, jewelry, bags and other smaller items. Displays, such as gondolas, that can be easily moved around the store offer great value for both their durability and versatility.

Slatwalls and gridwalls are also adaptable. These are generally freestanding displays that allow you to effortlessly attach hooks to a wood or metal grid. Bookcases are another useful addition. Whether you are assembling a colorful collection of shirts, an assortment of hats or must-have footwear, a bookcase can accommodate almost anything that does not require a hanger.

Where to Find Budget-Friendly Equipment: This is retail, so there are many options. The first place retailers usually think of when purchasing equipment is a wholesale supply store. They are easy to locate and typically have in stock the fixtures you need to make the sale. There are many alternatives, however, that can provide some fairly consequential savings.

Look for retailers who are going out of business. Not only are they trying to sell as much inventory as possible, but they are also often selling their fixtures and equipment. Tables, display cases, slatwalls, shelves, baskets and shopping bags—the list is nearly endless. This is a terrific source for great finds at rock-bottom prices, so you will want to pay attention to ads, signs and any leads on a business that is closing its doors.

Auctions and resellers are another less obvious choice offering a spread of retail equipment often at deep discounts. A web search for equipment liquidators and auction houses will quickly reveal the wide availability of these outlets with the promise of significant savings. Some resellers and auctions are even online, allowing you to save money and valuable time.

How to Reduce Costs: Your brand is who you are. It is about your individuality and what motivates your shoppers to buy from you instead of from your competitors. Creativity is therefore vital for creating that distinction—and it does not require extra cash. To the contrary, the idea is to engage your imagination to reduce costs and save money. Look for simple DIY projects to create alluring retail displays; Pinterest is a robust source for such ideas. Consider hiring a handyman to design and build creative, functional shelving, racks, rails, hooks and cases that help you define your unique brand. What you are likely to discover is that many of these contractors have design backgrounds, and can produce unique displays at a fraction of the cost of those that are mass-manufactured.

The Sweet Smell of Success

Ultimately, the success of your shop is determined by sales. The right equipment can be fashionable, appealing and inexpensive. Attracting shoppers with attention-grabbing displays does not have to erode your budget. With a little imagination and some investigation, you can uncover great deals that are available at the stroke of a computer key or even around the corner.
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