Great Counter Displays Can Add to the Shopping Experience

Great Counter DisplaysIn many ways, the counter represents the ‘moment of truth’ in a retail setting. This is where money changes hands, and potential buyers turn into actual customers. You want your customers to pay for the goods they have picked out from around the store, but you would also like to upsell them on an additional product or two at the last minute. Toward that end, you can use well-designed counter displays to present attractive and relevant products to shoppers who already have their money in hand.

Unfortunately, counter displays can go wrong fast. If you get your display wrong, you won’t be earning any additional revenue from upsells. Instead, you could be annoying your customers (and potentially your staff) for no good reason. Put the following tips to use to perfectly execute a successful counter display.

Customer Experience is the Top Priority

While you would love to close the deal on an upsell at the counter, the first priority in this case is to make sure your customers buy the items they have already picked out. This means giving them a comfortable, straightforward experience at the counter. They should have plenty of room to set down their wallet or purse, and they shouldn’t feel like they are going to knock over a counter display while simply trying to swipe their credit card.

Any time you design a new counter display, walk up to the counter and pretend as though you were a customer paying for a purchase. Would the displays add to your experience, or would they just be in the way? If you feel like the display is interfering with ‘business as usual’, it needs to go.

It Must Be Relevant

This is one of the most critical points related to retail counter displays: they must be relevant to the rest of the shopping experience. It wouldn’t make much sense to sell fresh donuts on the counter of a health foods store! Always keep your audience in mind and only offer them last-minute items that are going to fit nicely with the rest of the products on your shelves.

Keep Décor in Mind

You most likely have an overall décor in place for your store, so you shouldn’t break away from that theme when designing counter displays. Using materials and colors that aren’t in keeping with the rest of the branding will make your displays stand out in a bad way. For instance, if you run a luxury retail space that specializes in high-end items, it would be inappropriate to place cheap cardboard displays on the counter. When you match counter displays to the rest of the store, customers will be more likely to genuinely consider what you have to offer.

Make Displays Visible to Those in Line

One of the most effective ways to create sales from your counter displays is to make sure that the displays are easily visible to those waiting in line. In fact, it is more important for those in line to see the display than it is for the individual who is at the front of the line making a purchase. The person at the front of the line is likely too busy reaching for money or looking for coupons to bother viewing the counter displays you have created. Those in line, however, have nothing better to do than to look at these last-minute items. Placing your counter displays within easy sight of the line may lead to a significant uptick in sales.

The bottom line is this: counter displays should be simple, attractive, and in keeping with the rest of the store. As long as they don’t physically get in the way of the business your customers need to transact at the counter, your displays should have a positive impact on business as a whole.

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