Gridwall vs. Slatwall: A Classic Retail Display Debate

Gridwall vs. SlatwallDo you use gridwall or slatwall in your retail space? If so, why did you choose one over the other? For many store owners and managers, there wasn’t actually much thought put into this choice. Instead, they simply went with what was available—or what was on sale—when the store was furnished. Using the wrong product for your needs, however, could actually be a costly mistake. To make sure you pick the proper option for your store, you need to carefully consider the pros and cons of both gridwall and slatwall.

The Universal Benefits

Before trying to pick between these two, it is important that you understand why you would want to use either of them in the first place. By using either gridwall or slatwall, you can effectively turn the walls of your space into additional retail floor. Failing to take advantage of the vertical display space offered by your walls would be a big mistake—so turning to gridwall or slatwall is an easy decision.

The biggest advantage of using either one of these products is the versatility that they provide. As your product display needs change, you can quickly and easily adapt by moving items around on the walls. The hooks that are used to mount displays can be moved without any trouble at all, meaning you are never ‘locked’ in to one layout in your store. If you value flexibility and ease-of-use, gridwall and slatwall are hard to beat.

A Look at Slatwall

As the name would indicate, slatwall is a product that covers your walls with a series of horizontal slats that can be used to hang a variety of retail displays. There are nearly endless display options that have been designed to work with slatwall, so finding hooks, racks, baskets, and more to suitably display your goods is a snap.

Another advantage to using slatwall is aesthetics. This is a product that can look ‘at home’ in your store when you pick out the right finish and have it installed properly. Once it is covered with displays, shoppers will hardly notice the slats and it will just look like a finished wall. If you wish to create a finished, cohesive look in your space, slatwall may be the right pick.

A Look at Gridwall

While it performs in much the same way, gridwall looks nothing like slatwall. This product is a grid, often made from metal, which can be mounted on your existing wall. The grids come in a great number of sizes so you can pick out the exact models to meet your needs. Just as with slatwall, it will be easy to find a variety of accessories that can be used to mount on the grid to display your products.

It is convenience that leads the way in terms of the benefits of gridwall. These grids can be mounted quickly and easily on a number of wall surfaces, so you can be up and running with a whole new display system in your store within a very short period of time. Also, if you are going for an industrial look in your retail space, this type of display may fit in perfectly.

Which to Choose?

Picking between gridwall and slatwall isn’t as easy as just deciding which is ‘best.’ Neither is inherently better than the other, as both can do an excellent job of allowing you to display your goods for shoppers to browse comfortably. Instead, you will have to pick a winner based on your personal needs and preferences. If you would like to integrate your display deeper into the design of the space, slatwall is the likely choice—although purchase and installation will generally be more expensive. On the other hand, gridwall is affordable and easy to put up; however, it might lack something from an aesthetic standpoint, depending on the look you wish to achieve.

In the end, you really can’t go wrong with either option. Whether you wind up picking gridwall or slatwall, you should be left with a display system that makes it easy for you to put great products directly in front of your valued customers, which is crucial in your effort to make sales and grow your business.

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