Baskets in Store Displays: A Versatile and Effective Option

Baskets in Store DisplaysThe choices you make while designing your retail space can greatly impact your success or failure in the long run. Consistently making sales is about having great products and fair prices and presenting those products to your customers in such a way that leads them toward making a purchase. Presenting an organized, relaxing, and comfortable shopping experience to your customers should always be a high priority. To that end, baskets can help you greatly in that effort.

Not a Traditional Shopping Basket

When you think ‘shopping’ and ‘baskets,’ you might think about the containers that shoppers use to collect their items before check out. Baskets, however, can also be used as an effective display piece, whether placed on a counter top of used as a focal point in the middle of the store. Depending on the types of goods that you stock and sell, you may decide that baskets can be a major feature in your design, or they may be better suited for a complementary role. Either way, you will miss out on an opportunity if you fail to at least consider this creative form of retail display.

Organize Disorderly Products

Some of the items you stock in your store may simply be too irregular to display with any of your traditional methods. When that is the case, consider piling them up in a basket to be placed in a convenient position for shoppers to observe (assuming the items are not breakable, of course). The use of a basket will make it easy to keep the items contained and organized, and you can easily put them back in place if customers leave them on the counter or elsewhere around the store.

Last Second Purchases

Counter displays used to promote impulse buys are a well-known way to increase the average size of your receipts, and baskets are a natural fit for this setting as well. Using a small basket on the side of your counter to display a small impulse item is a great way to entice your customers one last time before the transaction is made. By using a basket on the counter, you can keep the goods collected in one spot so they don’t get in the way of customers trying to pay for their purchases.

Grab Attention Off the Street

If your store is located along a busy street, and you have a window or two facing that street, you likely already use window displays to grab attention. This is another setting where baskets make for a smart choice. You can easily place a well-designed basket full of goods in a window to help potential customers understand exactly what it is that you have available. Instead of filling this basket with your inventory of a single item, use this as a chance to display many various goods in one place. Think of a basket window display as part art and part marketing; make it look appealing and you will have a better chance of bringing customers through the door.

From wire and wicker baskets to simple plastic containers and much more, there are countless options available to bring baskets to your retail display. There are even display racks built just for holding baskets. Pick out options that match with your d├ęcor (and fit in your budget), and you will love what they can do to make your store both more attractive and more profitable at the same time.

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