Fresh Off the Boards: Keeping Your Apparel Irresistible

Neat ApparelMotivating your shoppers to buy from you is why you are in business. Garments that look fresh and pressed are much more likely to sell faster than those that appear to have been just plucked out of a wrapper.

To add sizzle to your sales, these seven simple tips can help you transform your newly-arrived apparel from origami to creaseless elegance:

  1. Affordable steamers for light commercial use are widely available. These models quickly and effectively remove creases and wrinkles in your merchandise without scorching. They are also mobile, which allows for their ease of use. Whether you purchase a handheld device or one that can roll on casters, or both, this worthwhile investment can help you heat up your sales. Moreover, they can be used on hats and scarves, and are terrific for silks and other delicate merchandise.
  2. Commercial ironing boards presses are also economical and convenient. They can reduce ironing time by up to 70 percent, and are versatile for a wide array of garments. Whether it is slacks, jackets, cuffs or collars, a press is often the best tool for instant neatness.
  3. Shirt folding boards slice folding in half. These simple, economical contraptions create consistency and neat rows of 9”x12” shirts. They are also useful for crisply folding towels, pants and many other items. Employees who spend less time folding can focus more attention on shoppers.
  4. Mobile Folding Tables are a bit pricier, but will also save you time. The mobility of table top units offers retailers versatility and convenience since they can work double time in fitting rooms and other high traffic areas of a shop floor. As with folding boards, side flaps keep folds uniform and crisp, and folding time can be cut by as much as 50 percent.
  5. Versatile fixtures that can adapt to your rapidly changing needs offer you flexibility and the opportunity to keep garments fresh and organized. Display cases can keep larger amounts of clothing in one central location and allow staff to engage shoppers by presenting multiple items at one time.
  6. Slatwalls and gridwalls are contemporary and enable you to neatly organize accessories and clothing. A bonus for retailers in a small shop is that these fixtures use less space and create an attractive stage for spotlighting featured apparel.
  7. Rolling racks are widely used since they are capable of holding a large number of garments and can be easily moved around floor space. They are especially convenient for fitting rooms and for moving inventory between the backroom and showroom.

A well-organized sales floor with fresh and tidy apparel can almost sell itself. Having the right equipment and fixtures can help make those sales more effortless. When considering what apparatus will best serve your retail needs, think about the ROI you can receive from having equipment that frees your time to spend on more important functions—such as giving your customers focused attention—while also being functional for your retail operations. You may spend a little more at the outset but also benefit from higher receipts as a result of making smarter choices about how best to outfit your sales floor.

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