Spinner Counter Displays Increase Impulse Purchases

Spinner Counter Displays Increase Impulse PurchasesDid you know that customers spend more money than they had planned in brick and mortar stores? One way to increase these impulse purchases is to use spinner counter displays. These incredibly handy tools will maximize space while displaying a wide variety of items. Spinner counter displays are perfect for showcasing items, such as books, greeting cards, jewelry, key chain, magnets, postcards, trial or sample size items and candy. Spinner counter displays will attract your customers because products are placed at eye level. They also increase curiosity because customers will want to spin the rack to see what’s on the other side and invite them to try out or touch the product. When used strategically, spinner counter displays will increase impulse purchases and overall sales. Below are some important tips to remember when using spinner counter displays in your brick and mortar store.

When using spinner counter displays to increase impulse purchases, it is best to go for small and easy sales. You will want to display small or inexpensive items, novelty items, sale products or food and candy. It’s important to really think about what you want to display on your spinner counter displays. Not all items will sell well on these displays. It’s best to focus on displaying items that your customers are interested in or actually need. Think about what items your customers might have forgotten to pick up or something they want to try.

Visibility is key with spinner counter displays. You want your spinner counter display to stand out and entice customers to examine the items on it. Use bright or contrasting colors to attract attention the right away. Signage is also important. Use signage to clearly communicate what you are selling or the price point. Many stores use spinner counter displays to sell sale items or special promotions. Create signage around these promotions so that your customers know they are getting a great deal.

You want to keep it simple with spinner counter displays. The idea is to focus on the impulse buy and not make a customer think about what they are purchasing. Keep signage short and to the point. At this point, most of your customers have already found what they are looking for and impulse buys are easy add-ons, but if the signage is too long or complicated, the customer will lose attention.

Try not to confuse customers with too many displays on your counter or offering too many different items. Having multiple product displays can become a distraction and lead the customers to become overwhelmed. You want an attractive look, not a cluttered counter.

The price point is key for increasing sales from spinner counter displays. Keep these items under $20 and, if possible, it is best to keep them under $10. While customers might look at higher-priced items on a spinner counter display, they are less likely to purchase them.

It is also important to maintain your counter displays. Be sure you restock it as necessary so that you continue to gains sales from it. Also, change up your display frequently. These displays are meant to be visible and attract a customer’s attention. If you have repeat customers and do not change out the display, it will start to blend in. You want to keep the display fresh so they are checking it and viewing it every time they come into your store.

With these few tips, you can easily turn a spinner counter displays into a sales machine for your store!

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