The Real Season of Love

The Real Season of LoveJewelry is one of the most popular gifts during the holiday season. This year, there will be an influx of shoppers looking for that perfect piece of jewelry for their loved one. Retailers and boutiques have the opportunity to increase their jewelry sales this year with a few simple display tips. While there is no one perfect way to display jewelry, there are some techniques that will help attract customers to take a closer look at the items available.

Use Your Space Correctly

The first tip of displaying jewelry is to properly use your space. One of the biggest mistakes many retailers make is overcrowding their space. Customers are unable to focus when there are too many items in one area. Instead, it’s best to arrange your displays in small groupings. Be sure your groups are similar to one another and are consistent. You wouldn’t want large gold ruby earrings sitting side by side with silver diamond bracelets. Instead, try to match complementary pieces. This can also help increase sales by bundling complimentary pieces.

It’s also important to experiment with heights in your display. Many jewelry stores place all of their items on one single plane, but that can make it difficult for customers’ eyes to see individual pieces. Instead, use risers and props to help mix up the heights in your display case. This will help give your customers a place to start looking at the pieces and a clear road map for browsing the display case.

Lighting Is Key

Proper lighting is incredibly important for displaying jewelry. Interior designers and lighting manufacturers recommend that lighting for showcases come from above and inside the case for a high-quality look.

Take a look at your case from different angles to ensure there are no shadows from the lighting. Also, try leaning toward the case and looking over it (like a customer would) to guarantee that they won’t cast any shadows as they are looking at the piece. You want to also check to see if the light inside the case blinds the customer or causes any glare.

Make Sure the Jewelry is the Star

It’s incredibly important that your jewelry is the focal point of your display. Some store owners get carried away with their display and props and it creates an overall presentation that is too varied and confusing. The display should not be the focus. Instead, it should accentuate your jewelry. Too many colors or patterns in the background will take away from the beauty of the pieces. Also limit the textures you use, such as lace or silk. Less can be more when you are trying to show off the product and not the surroundings.

Instead, look for a simple background that contrasts the pieces. Contrasting background color and the item is an excellent way to capture your customer’s attention. If you group your jewelry accordingly, it will not be difficult to find the proper background material or color for each group.

Be sure to balance different types of textures, colors and shapes of your jewelry in your displays. Your customer can get confused if your grouping is mismatched.

Think About the Details

There are so many different elements that go into displaying jewelry and it’s important to not forget the little details. For example, it’s important to have mirrors near your displays. This adds more depth to the display and invites your customer to try on different pieces.

If you have special pieces, display them separately from other items call more attention to them. You may want to invest in an ornate display for the top of your cases so that special pieces are higher and easier for customers to notice. Predominant placement of these items in separate cases or in the front of the store or on top of the display case can help increase sales for more expensive pieces.

For an extra flourish and a more professional look, when a customer would like to try on a piece or have a closer look, have your sales team show these pieces on a velvet pad.

These little details will quickly add up to a cleaner and more beautiful display that will help you attract more customers and increase your jewelry sales this holiday season.

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