Signing Your Way to Success

SignageWhat is one of the fastest, most effective way to attract shoppers to your business? The answer may surprise you: Quality signage.

While many retailers think of signs as a tactical necessity—and an often expensive one at that–what is missed is the overall strategic value that effective signs offer a small business. Elevating these critical visuals as a vital component of your marketing strategy can save you advertising dollars and boost sales.

Signs that combine helpful information with thoughtful design create valuable messaging opportunities. Whether outdoor or indoor, directional or informational, signs offer multiple benefits that small merchants can easily overlook.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signage reflects your brand. Accordingly, it should be welcoming and appealing. More than just broadcasting your location, it should promote the anticipation of an exciting experience. Since this is the public face of your business, design is critical. Words should be clear and readable.

Your signs will be working 24/7 for you. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure the sign communicates who you are and what your business is about. For instance, “Pat’s Pizza” instead of “Pat’s” is going to be more informative, especially to those driving past your storefront.

Visibility is also key;, especially to motorists. Make sure your sign is unobstructed. Using materials that reduce or eliminate glare and maximize eye-popping design elements are also important ingredients. Professional design can add allure since graphic design is central to successful communication. Color, size, font and white space are all crucial components of a well-balanced design that can attract customers and enhance sales.

Indoor Signs

Indoor signs serve a range of purposes. They can be directional, showing shoppers where an item or register is located. They can also alert clientele to service offerings, such as layaway or delivery options.

Signs can also create an unforgettable experience. Use indoor signage to create a conversation or tell a story. Short, simple ones might invite a shopper to look for related items in a different part of your store. For example, a tasteful sign located visibly, but unobtrusively, near outerwear might suggest an umbrella by your checkout counter. Advising a customer who is shopping for shoes where your collection of socks and hosiery is situated can spawn curiosity and additional sales. Even something as simple as asking, “How are you today?” can foster trust and invite a shopper to feel more relaxed, taking more time to discover your offerings in a friendly environment.


Signs can be used to highlight seasonal or promotional items. By creating a sense of urgency that certain merchandise is limited or available for only a short time, you have the opportunity to use signs as part of your sales team. Reinforce customer trust by having your signage ask, “Did you find what you were looking for today? If not, let us know how we can help!”

Interactive, Experiential = ROI

Using high-quality signs can help you create an interactive experience for your customers. Since these are tools that will be working for you even in the absence of a salesperson or when you are closed, you want to be sure to invest some thought in creating a successful signage strategy. Allocating part of your budget for a professional designer can yield tremendous benefits. By keeping it simple, clear and consistent, you can discover just how compelling signs can be in elevating your brand and adding black to the profit margins.

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