Scoring with the Right Shopping Baskets

Retail is ultimately all about developing the right strategies and implementing them with the right tactics. Knowing your shoppers is part of the equation. The customer usually arrives at the store expecting to buy a few items, suddenly they realize they have only two arms and are in urgent need of a shopping basket, cart or bag.

Retailers often miss these valuable opportunities. They are part of the mundane attributes of the ordinary shopping day that can be easily overlooked—and at a cost. Here are the steps retailers can immediately execute to plump revenues and make shoppers happier:

    1. Punctuate your aisles with baskets. Whether it’s forgotten items or impulse buying, most shoppers, at some point, tend to feel grateful for the conveniently placed stack of baskets at the end of the aisle. Ensure the baskets are stacked high enough to avoid inconvenience or ergonomic stress.
    2. Add brand dimension. Boosting customer awareness and loyalty is an achievable holy grail in the church of all-things-retail. One particularly effective approach is to train employees to observe shoppers and offer a basket or cart when needed. The gesture is bound to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and your daily receipts—reinforcing long-term brand value
    3. The destination experience. Brick-and-mortar retailers need to keep their attention focused on the experience economy. Shoppers are seeking more than a purchase. Retail is rapidly being transformed into a destination, a place to experience a broader sensory connection. Customer engagement in a physical store is a crucial data point. The initial contact at the door with a comfortable, generous basket, bag or cart can make all the difference to daily, quarterly and annual receipts.
    4. The swag that wagged the dog. Promotional merchandise isn’t just for trade shows and events. Opportunities to promote your brand present themselves all day, every day. For example, Old Navy offers its customers the privilege to buy one of their black tote bags at checkout. Trader Joe’s has a wide range of branded reusable bags to fit the different needs of their customers.  Whether it’s a plastic bag or reusable shopping tote, brand loyalty is still something happy shoppers like to boast about.
    5. Match the cart to the item. When shoppers enter the front of your store, they may need some time to become oriented. Scattering carts and baskets in areas that match the size of merchandise reflects thoughtful planning. For instance, larger wheeled carts strategically placed in small appliances or outdoor seasonal items can lift sales, while mesh bags interlaced in apparel departments can spark some longer shopping detours.

As 2017 kicks off, retailers should know that their shoppers crave personalization. At its most fundamental root, the shopping experience is about superior customer service—including comfort and convenience. Offering your customers the right tools to empower them while making them comfortable doesn’t require an IT team or sophisticated computer code—just some simple adjustments to your store layout that can create a richer experience for your shoppers and a beefier bottom line for your business.

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