Small Spaces, Lots of Products

Small spacesAs retailers, we get excited about finding the perfect space for our stores. It doesn’t matter if we are opening our first store ever, or have moved a few times for a better location; finding the perfect space is so important.

Just because a space feels right, and offers great visibility, plenty of foot traffic, ample parking, and affordable rent doesn’t mean it is not without its quirks. Sometimes, what started off as the perfect space can start to feel confining after a while. This is especially true when business had been good and we wish to expand. Herein lies the problem, move locations and hope that our customers will find us and follow or work within the space we have as limited as it might be.

Here are some suggestions to make the most of the space you have without cluttered displays taking over your shop.

Build Up

As humans, we so often forget to look up. Expanding upward, though, is a smart way to enlarge your offerings. All it takes is a little planning and some smart fixtures. Think about the products you wish to display; would they work best with some grid paneling? Or maybe display chains are the answer? If your store has a more rustic feel, scouring flea markets and resale shops might yield some excellent finds like vintage apple picking ladders or baskets.

While using the walls can offer more space, don’t overdo it. Layering too many products can lead customers to feel overwhelmed instead of overjoyed in their shopping experience.

Stack Up

Drawers and risers are another way to add additional product space to your store. If you are already using small tables or desks which have drawers in your displays, take full advantage of the extra space they offer. Pull open the drawers and artfully drape scarves or gloves across them. Don’t pull them open so far that moving around the table causes issues for customers, but do take advantage of the extra inches.

Add risers to your current tables for an eye-catching effect. Risers not only help to show off more products, they draw the eye upward by creating height to a display. Risers don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Be creative based on the look of your store. Cardboard boxes with draped fabric offer an easy way to change looks, wooden crates add a rustic feel, even old milk crates can be used if they align with the look of your store.

Thinking of new ways add space to your store, may allow you to keep your current location and offer more products to your customers!

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