Update the Look of your Store

Update the Look of Your StoreOften, as retailers, we grow comfortable in our own spaces and forget to take a hard look at our own stores. Looking inward can be difficult for a number of reasons—the biggest is often time. With inventory, scouting new merchandise, managing staff, keeping up on payroll and the 100 other tasks, small business retailers deal with, taking a look at your own space can be tough. It is important, though. It can lead to an uptick in new customers and revenue. A grand opening arrives with fan fair and anticipation; however, during the following months and years, stores can start to look a bit drab if not downright shabby. Owners are often oblivious to the way their own store is perceived by customers.

The other issue often cited is the additional expense it will take to freshen up a retail space. This is often penny wise and a pound foolish. An updated space (along with updated signage) sparks curiosity and brings in new customers and old customers alike. Giving a retail space a facelift can be cost effective with the following tips.

  1. Be Honest with Yourself. Walk through your store and try and “view” it from the eyes of a brand new customer. What would be off-putting? What are the first things to which your eyes are drawn? Discolored ceiling tiles? Chipped paint? A cluttered feeling? Take notes so you won’t forget anything.
  2. Look into Costs. What changes will give you the most bang for your buck? Can you afford to be closed for a day for new flooring installation? What does your budget allow you to fix? Answering these question makes certain tasks a priority and can alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed.
  3. Set a Date and Buy Supplies. Setting a date and buying supplies makes any projects you are taking on real instead of a mere idea. Shop around for the best deals and think about investment pieces. Better flooring may cost a little more but could last twice as long.
  4. Do it Yourself. Completing these projects yourself can save a great deal of money. Know your limitations, though. For example, replacing slatwall displays or components is most likely something you could do with the help of a friend or trusted employee, but installing new carpet might be a job better left in the hands of professionals. Again, replacing ceiling tiles might be a snap, but painting the entire space in a timely fashion may be more challenging.
  5. Deep Clean and Organize. A little elbow grease can go a long way. While products are removed from your store, take the opportunity to give your space a deep clean. Have the rugs and carpets shampooed, wash the walls and wipe down any décor that usually out of reach. When returning merchandise this would be a great time to reorganize and create a less cluttered space.

An updated look can really pull in new customers and bring back some old ones who have not visited in a while. From shiny new display cases to filling in any nicks or dings in the walls, a new look doesn’t have to be an expensive affair and may breathe new pride and passion into your retail business.

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