Optimizing your Slatwall Using Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall AccessoriesSlatwall is an integral element in many retail stores. Slatwall allows for quick, cost-effective, changes in displaying merchandise. Are you getting the most from your slatwall, though? Knowing how to optimize your slatwall opens up new opportunities to display merchandise in an eye-catching way and to best use the space in your store.

The easiest way to optimize your slatwall is with slatwall accessories. No matter what type of product you sell, there is a slatwall accessory for you! By pairing products with the proper accessory, you save space and cut down on a cluttered look. Many are familiar with the typical garment and peg hooks, but waterfall hooks are a fantastic way to hang multiple garments in a well-organized fashion. This saves on floor space—space that can better be used for products that cannot be hung up.

There are a number of different basket or cabinet style accessories specifically made for slatwall. Mesh baskets are perfect for holding small items, while wire framed baskets are great for larger items. Sizes and configurations run the spectrum, so no matter the product, there is the right accessory. Often baskets can hold more weight than you might expect, this is because of how they are designed.

Baskets or bin style slatwall accessories are also available in acrylic. This allows the customer to easily view the products. Unlike wire baskets, however, acrylic bins can hold ever the smallest of products. Acrylic bins also come in more of a cabinet style, some even feature a lock. This is a very cost-effective way to showcase more expensive merchandise, such as sunglasses, without having to purchase a large glass display case.

Keep in mind there are also a number of specialty accessories created for very specific products. For t-shirts alone there are a large number of display options, some frame the shirt like a piece of art, while others display multiple shirts at the same time. The same goes for baseball caps. They can either be displayed in singular or multiple versions. And again, slatwall accessories can be easily moved, so you can insert a hat display over a t-shirt for a completed look.

Slatwall really offers almost endless possibilities to retailers when paired with the right accessories! From apparel to gifts and everything in between, there are slatwall accessories for your store.

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