The Importance of a Door Chime

Door ChimeSometimes it can be the smallest change in retail that can make large impacts. Take door alerts, an often forgotten part of the retail experience. Have you ever considered the effect a simple door chime might have on your business? Let’s dig a little deeper into the power of door chimes.

A door chime works when a customer opens the door to your space. They are relatively inexpensive and very easy to install. Most likely you can do it yourself. If the entrance to your space doesn’t have a physical door, that’s not a problem. Many models exist which operate on an infrared beam. When that beam is broken by a customer walking through it, a chime sounds.

While door chimes are beneficial to almost any retail business, they are especially useful for small business or those who are just starting out with a limited staff. There are many reasons why an employee does not see a customer come into the store. Perhaps he or she is checking on something in the back, using the restroom, or retrieving supplies; whatever the case may be, a door chime alerts employees to the presence of a customer.

This increases the overall experience for customers, as they will quickly be greeted and helped by the store’s employee, even if that employee is not out front when the customer enters. Customers will never be left wondering if anyone is available to assist them.

Door chimes also add an element of security to both employees and merchandise. When a customers enter your store, employees will be able to monitor them to decrease instances of theft and shoplifting. Even if a potential thief can’t see you when he or she walks in, they know you are aware of them being in the store because of the sounding of the door chime.

The security aspect goes for employees, as well. During slow times, there may only be one employee working. Without a door chime it could be very easy for a potential thief to be interrupted by an unsuspecting employee, putting that employee in harm’s way. Or a person with ill intent could sneak up on an employee in the backroom.

Installing a door chime offers so much more than an alert when a person enters your retail space. It offers peace of mind.

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