The Versatility of Cube Designs

Cube DisplaysYou have probably walked by some form of cube displays thousands of times in all sorts of retail stores. From t-shirt and candy shops at the beach to high-end luxury brands, many retailers turn to cube displays to showcase there items. Are cube displays a good choice for your store, though? The answer is most likely yes!

Cube displays have been a go-to choice for retailers for many years. And it is easy to see why. Cube displays offer a number of benefits versus other types of store fixtures and showcases.

  1. Versatility. Retailers know how important it is to change up, not only their merchandise but also their displays. Customers want to see something new when they walk into a retail space. The same old displays can feel stale to returning customers. Cube displays offer a unique versatility to retailers because retailers can configure the display to best suit the needs of their needs. They can also easily change the design using simple tools, often no more than a basic screwdriver. This means it is a snap to move the display to different areas in a store, unlike some types of heavy or bulky showcases. Furthermore, cube displays can be purchased in a number of different heights and widths, making them ideal custom displays.
  2. Cost. Depending on the material and size you choose, cube displays can be very cost effective. If you are looking to expand on your current displays, or are getting ready to launch a new store, it is worth taking a hard look at cube displays and how they can work, even on a modest budget.
  3. Design. Cube displays are often ordered as custom pieces. So right from the start you, get the exact dimensions that best fit the dimensions of your store. Instead of using a display system that simply “works,” you can show off you merchandise in the best possible way. In addition, you can choose from models with an enclosed back or an open back.
  4. Materials. Sometimes you find the right size display, but it doesn’t fit with the overall aesthetic of your store. This is not the case with cube displays. Cube displays come in all types of materials including, but not limited to, glass, wood and wire grid. Because cube displays are available in so many different materials and configurations they really are perfect for almost any product line.

Cube displays really are a great choice for so many retailers! Whether updating your store or launching a new venture, make cube displays a part of your plan.

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