Sunglasses equate to a Profitable Summer

Did you know that 95 million sunglasses are sold each year and by 2020, the entire industry is expected to hit $140 billion dollars? So as we head into the warmer months this is the time to think about sunglasses and if they would be right in your store.As a retailer, this is something you don’t want to miss. Sunglasses are not only for fashion stores anymore.

Merchandising your sunglasses correctly is what will make them successful.  Once you have ordered the sunglasses you want to carry the next step is to find the right display for your store.  You have to remember that sunglasses are an impulse item and customers customarily do not just come into your store to buy them, it is an item that is purchased on a whim.  It is important for you to display the sunglasses in full view and it needs to grab attention. A great way is to have them on a spinning counter rack at checkout or on a floor standing display right near the checkout counter. Just having a few pairs in a basket on your counter isn’t going to lead to big sales you were hoping for. The display must look like it belongs and must look and feel inviting to make the customer want to interact with it. It is also important to have mirrors all around, customers like to look at themselves when trying on sunglasses and boosts their confidence and encourages them to try on a variety of glasses until they find the right pair.

Another tip is to make sure that the display is fully stocked and a there is a wide variety of sunglasses. Every customer has a different size face, they like different styles, sizes, and colors. This being said you must make sure you have something for everyone.  Customers don’t like buying off a display that is only half full so you must always keep restocking.

Sunglasses are an impulse item so it is very important for your employees to be able to answer any questions the customers may have. It is also important for them to facilitate the purchase through problem solving and recommendations.  Your employees must feel confident when talking to the customers when they do it gives them more opportunities to upsell the sunglass accessories as well.

Security is another piece to the puzzle when deciding if you should carry sunglasses in your store. You always want to make sure that the display is not located near the door or exit.  The best place for the display is in the middle of the store surrounded by mirrors as well as simulated cameras. As an employee, you never want to be distracted and always want to have an eye on the customer.  If the customers know they are being watched it is the biggest deterrent and most likely won’t steal.

With some thoughtful selection and proper set-up, sunglasses can be a profitable addition to all retailers.

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