Bringing It to the Table

Dislplay TablesTables are made to put stuff on, and this utility has made display tables a staple of the retail space. Whereas peddlers of yore chose tables for durability, portability, supplies and other purely functional purposes, there are no such restrictions today.

You have nearly unlimited options when it comes to how you display your wares on horizontal surfaces in your store. The problem then becomes how to choose the perfect display tables to suit your particular needs.

Whether you’re interested in nesting tables, tiered tables, glass cubes, gondolas, specialty displays, or dump tables; whether you’re looking for products that are round, square, or rectangular; whether you have a specific purpose in mind or you want convertible options; there is no shortage of options to from which to choose. Here are a few things to think about when choosing the right display tables for your retail location.

Available Space

If your square footage is limited, you might want to consider using tiered display tables to make the most of both horizontal and vertical space. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of square footage, larger display tables provide the opportunity to fill space, showcase your latest and greatest products, and potentially create a more intimate atmosphere.


Suppose you’re dealing with a long, narrow, galley-like retail space. Using rectangular tables could provide the greatest economy when filling your space. Using smaller, round or square tables, however, could help to break up the space and balance proportions. Before you purchase display tables, try making some mockups to see what the space might look like when complete.

Wares on Display

If you’re displaying a rainbow of tees, a gondola could help you to break up your wares by color. Or if you want to display a collection of dangle earrings and lavaliers complete with a free-standing table mirror for consumers to check themselves out, a simple, single display table makes more sense. You want to display your products to the best advantage, so considering your display concept before you choose a table is wise.


If you’re trying to create an image of sophistication and luxury to bring in high-end consumers, a store full of disorganized dump tables is not likely to help you reach your goals. You want displays that fit, that fade into the background so that your wares take center stage. If you throw a bunch of cashmere scarves in a bargain bin, you’re hardly setting the right tone.

On the other hand, a properly organized and maintained dump bin could be used in unique ways to elevate your overall ambience and create fun and attractive displays. The trick is to make sure that whatever you’re using fits with the brand image you’re trying to create and doesn’t create an eyesore.

Visual Appeal

Which table is the most attractive on its own? Which will look nicest in your store? Which will look best with your goods arranged on it? You want to create a feast for the eyes to entice shoppers, and you should take no less care with a table display than you do with the place settings used to display food for guests in your home.

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