Sidewalk Sales 101

When the weather turns warm and people begin to roll down their windows, hop on their bikes, or take a leisurely stroll past your shop, it’s time to start thinking about holding a sidewalk sale. By placing some of your wares in front of your establishment, you can grab attention and entice shoppers inside.

This is especially true when your outdoor racks and signage promote sale items. When passersby can see, and feel your wares up close and personal, they may be more inclined to give your business a try instead of just going on their way.

Of course, you can’t just dump items on a table and call it a day; you have to create outdoor displays that are attractive and functional. After all, you don’t want bases that are going to topple in a mild breeze, spilling your goods all over the sidewalk nor do you want haphazard displays that are too cluttered and overwhelming to appeal to passersby. Before you decide to hold a sidewalk sale, here are a few basics guidelines to observe.


Just like your in-store displays, the foundations for displaying your goods should be suited to the items you’re selling, but adapted for outdoor use. For example, a round clothes rack that works perfectly for browsing shoppers in your store might take up too much space on a sidewalk, hindering those just walking by.

In this case, you could transfer garments to a single bar straight garment rack that takes up a lot less room and can showcase your goods better in limited sidewalk space. A rolling rack is ideal since you can easily move it outside or in when you’re opening and closing your store for the day.

For other items, you might use bins or retail display shelves, just for example, but form and function are important. You want to make sure displays are lightweight and mobile so that you can easily position them, but also sturdy enough to stay upright. In some cases, you might need to add weight (like sandbags) to the bottom to ensure wind, passing walkers and pets, and other elements don’t knock over your displays.

If you have loose items, make sure to include dividers like small bins to create a neat and attractive display and help to keep goods organized when shoppers are pawing through them all day.


Your outdoor displays are important when you’re holding a sidewalk sale, but don’t forget about the role signage plays in attracting attention and bringing shoppers in for a closer look. If you’re going to post signage outdoors, the biggest concern is functionality.

Unlike displays, which have some weight because of the products adorning tables, shelves, or racks, your signs could more easily get knocked over or blown away. You have options like sandwich boards, flags, and even staked signs (if you happen to have some planters to put them in). All may require weighted bottoms of some kind to remain upright, and you’ll want to consider materials (like metal or plastic) that can stand up to the elements.

This season, take advantage of the weather and all of the potential customers walking by with a sidewalk sale!

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