Autumn Display Ideas to Fall in Love With

The leaves are turning and days are growing shorter. The air is crisp and smells of wood smoke. Kids are going back to school and parents are setting their sights on the holidays. As a retailer, now is an ideal time to capture this mood of transition and give shoppers a reason to come in from the cold.

One of the best ways to encourage fall shopping is by setting up seasonal retail displays that evoke cozy interiors and the natural elements that make space feel warm and inviting. How can you transition your shop from summer to fall? Here are a few incredible display ideas to shift from the light pep of summer to the comforting embrace of autumn.

Wooden Barrels

Barrels are good for more than aging wine or spirits; they also make for an ideal fall display stand. You can set them up around your store in lieu of tables, then top them with a stack of fall sweaters, a few small forms to showcase accessories or a pop-up display of some sort. They lend the warmth of wood and some natural ambiance to your interior.

They also make a great addition to your front display window, where they’ll really stand out and provide a rustic base for your latest wares. You can even find barrels with cutouts and shelving inside to maximize display space.

Apple Crates and Bushel Baskets

The boxes and baskets traditionally used to collect fruits and veggies during the summer and into the fall harvest season make for a stellar addition to your autumnal displays. You can pair them with fall favorites like pumpkins or multicolored corn for decorative purposes or load them with goods. These wooden additions can take the place of traditional bins.

Distressed Wood

If you want to capture the feeling of fall, one of the best ways is to pepper your displays with distressed wood. Wooden planks can be used for decorative appeal throughout your space, but you can also make them functional in a variety of ways.

For example, think about hanging a few on some grid wall, pounding in some nails, and hanging items from these improvised hooks. This could be a great way to display seasonal apparel, accessories, or even prepackaged retail goods that might normally hang. You could also place wooden planks on display tables or shelves to add rustic flair to existing displays in your store.

Galvanized Steel

You can pick up galvanized steel buckets at most garden or hardware stores and use them in much the same way as apple crates or bushel baskets. They pair well with distressed wood and add new elements of color, texture, and shine to your fall displays.

Dried Flowers, Gourds, and More

The harvest is a common theme associated with fall, and you can capitalize by studding your store displays with decorative dried flowers, gourds, wheat sheaves, and other symbols of the season. Use them to frame wall or table displays or simply add touches throughout your space. With the right fall items on display, your customers will be feeling the spirit of autumn in no time.

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