Hot Design Trends to Update Your Store

Blue_Stained_Pine_SlatwallEach year (and often, each season) brings a whole new host of tempting design trends that make you wish you had it in your budget to do a complete overhaul of your retail space. If only you’d known that navy blues and acrylic details would be in for 2017, you might have planned differently!

As it turns out, though, trends related to color palettes and accessories are always the first to phase out. If you’re going to cash in on some of the hottest design trends, you want to focus on the ones that are likely to be around for a while. Here are a few you might want to incorporate into your next retail renovation.

Lounge Furniture

All you have to do is pop into your local big box home improvement store to see that the rickety, outdoor bistro sets of old have gone the way of the dodo. More robust lounge furniture meant to make the exterior living just as comfortable as its interior counterpart has taken its place.

The housing market could be the culprit. During the recession, families were forced to make the most of their properties rather than upgrading to larger living spaces. This resulted in backyards converted to outdoor living spaces, ostensibly extending the usable square footage of a home, and families wanted comfortable accommodations.

This trend can easily make its way to your retail space. There’s no reason not to replace that lone stool in your dressing room with a small lounge area outside where shoppers can take a load off and watch their friends give impromptu runway shows. Or you could create small seating areas for shoppers to view demos or simply stare at your wares.


New display cases, lighting fixtures, and even flooring may be out of your budget, so why not go green and save some greenbacks by updating recycled items to add some cool kitsch to your retail space? An old bookshelf could benefit from a coat of paint and some peel-and-stick wallpaper on the interior panel for patterned pop before you place your wares inside. With a little creativity, your adventures in upcycling could add boutique flair to your retail space.

Taking a Page from Mother Nature’s Playbook

There’s nothing like natural wood and stone to make your interior spaces feel rich and inviting, so think about embracing this trend and adding natural elements to flooring, displays with distressed wood, and even wall space with wood slatwall panels.

Mix-and-Match Periods

If you’ve often wished you could pair a Victorian chandelier with mid-century modern couches and rustic, nude wood side tables, you’re in for a surprise. These days, an eclectic mix of design styles and period pieces is all the rage, and retailers can get in on the craze.

Naturally, you’ll want some level of cohesion in your retail space, and this could be accomplished by choosing shelving, tables, display cases, and lounge furnishings in neutral shades or a single color palette, for example; however, you needn’t stick to one era when it comes to furnishings and decor. When you have a handle on hot design trends, you can keep your retail spaces relevant.

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