Why Haven’t You Personalized Your Store?

With so many chain stores and online retail giants, shoppers have plenty of convenient ways to shop but they are lacking personalization. Variety is the spice of life, though, and many shoppers are drawn from their homes and into retail spaces by the promise of a unique and fulfilling consumer experience.

You can’t provide that if your store is boring and bland. You need to avoid tired tropes and generic displays. If you want to differentiate your shop and provide customers with an eye-popping, awe-inducing experience, personalization is a must.

If you have yet to sprinkle some personality into your retail location, it’s time to start thinking of ways to impress your customers with custom fixtures and displays. Here are just a few ways to personalize your store.


The appearance of your retail store should properly represent and enhance your brand, and you can attain this objective in a variety of ways. First, you need a strong understanding of how visual elements represent your brand. This goes beyond the logo, colors, fonts, and so on you’ve used to build your brand image through marketing efforts.

What makes your brand unique? Are your products fun and frivolous or are they meant to add convenience and practicality to everyday life? Is your target demographic young and carefree or trying to balance the responsibilities associated with working and raising a family? Believe it or not, your retail displays can capture the essence of your brand and your audience to visually embody the unique and personal spirit of your store.


Display racks and shelving don’t need to be the same neutral, modular standbys used at neighboring stores. With custom options, you can really make your store and your merchandise stand out.

Instead of using merchandise displays that look like they came from IKEA, why not showcase fall clothing or gardening supplies on shelving made of distressed wood? Perhaps you could arrange tech demo stations on sleek, laminated counter surfaces in branded colors meant to catch the eye. At the very least, you should create custom POP displays that represent your brand and speak to your audience.

You can certainly go generic with in-store displays, but you’re not likely to catch the interest of passersby and compel customers to return when you rely on these forgettable visual elements. This goes for wall fixtures and lighting, as well.

With special, 3D slatwall panels and displays designed with custom colors and materials, you can make your store as unique as your brand. Adding the wow factor with custom displays can help you to make a lasting impression.


There are many mannequins and forms from which to choose, with female, male, and child options, as well as heads, torsos, stands, hangers, and so on. Plus, they come in all kinds of colors, materials, and levels of detail. Choosing the best ones for your displays will entail some research to best match your brand, but the personality they add to your store could make a huge difference in how customers react and whether they take a shine to your shop.

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