$200 in Upgrades that Can Majorly Impact Your Retail Space

You might not have the budget to completely overhaul your store décor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see an improvement by spending just a little on targeted upgrades. Even if you’re working with a tight budget, say a couple hundred dollars, there are a few small purchases that could help you to improve the overall look of your store, add to your ambiance, and/or create eye-catching focal points that help to improve sales. If you’re looking for upgrades under the $200 mark to refresh the look of your store, here are a few items that could suit your needs.


The lighting you use in your store not only adds practical illumination to your space, but it also helps to highlight specific areas or merchandise that you want to draw the eye to, and it contributes to the overall atmosphere. If your sales are slumping or you’re not getting the results you want from your layout, it may be time to reassess your lighting and add a few new fixtures or merely replace bulbs to create a different lighting scheme.

Many different types of lighting will help create an atmosphere in the store. Upgrading to efficient and cost-effective LED lighting will provide the most natural light spectrum.  Installing track lighting will draw focus to specific areas or, ribbon or rope lights that could help create a fun and funky atmosphere, the lighting elements you choose will have a significant impact on your retail environment, and at potentially minimal cost. Even the addition of a few colored bulbs could drastically change the look of your store.


You might not have the cash on hand to upgrade to high-end display cases or purchase full-sized mannequins, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways to add eye-catching displays to your store. Even with a limited budget, you could still add a single display case to create a focal point.

Or you could update counter displays or endcaps to put the focus squarely on specific merchandise. You might pick up a few low-cost single rail clothing racks to add versatility to your overall layout.

Don’t forget, you can always get creative with displays. Can’t afford a ton of new racks? Why not create industrial rails on the walls with lengths of galvanized pipe and fittings? Hit up flea markets in search of kitschy displays like barrels and crates, baskets or antique wood planks that can be used for shelving. A little money can go a long way when you think outside the box where display space is concerned.

Accent and Organizers

Over time, you store can become a cluttered mass that creates confusion for shoppers. With inexpensive organizational pieces like baskets, bins, or crates you can declutter your store and add attractive accents to shelving and counter areas. You might even be able to order some organizational items in bulk to save even more money and make the most of your upgrading budget.

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